J.A. MacGillivray

Alexander MacGillivray

About J.A. MacGillivray

Joseph Alexander (Sandy) MacGillivray specializes in Aegean Bronze Age archaeology with a particular focus on Minoan Crete and the Cyclades. He read Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology at McGill University in his native Montréal, Canada and went on to write a Mlitt dissertation on Early Cycladic Delos and a PhD thesis on the Middle Minoan pottery of Knossos at Edinburgh University. He was Knossos Curator and Assistant Director of the British School at Athens, under whose auspices he excavated at Sparta, Knossos, and the Minoan city and Greek and Roman sanctuary at Palaikastro in eastern Crete before becoming Associate Professor of Art History and Archaeology at Columbia University. The author of numerous works on Aegean archaeology, including the popular Minotaur: Sir Arthur Evans and the Archaeology of the Minoan Myth, he has appeared as expert lecturer in several documentaries and films, and has led many archaeological tours in Greece. He is currently Dietrich von Bothmer Research Scholar at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.